Announced At Upfronts

  • It’s Just Me

    Tensions are running high as Joe questions who his real friends are... and whether his friends are real. When Joe's forced to stay the night all alone in a spooky house, he comes face to face with what haunts him.

  • The Rights To This Show Cost 1 Dollar

    After amassing a fortune as a fashion mogul selling novelty designs at marked-up prices, wannabe supervillain Charmet Bandlethropp has moved into the second phase of his master plan: Hijacking the county’s local public access TV channel, and broadcast hypnotic frequencies to the entire world. Unb...

  • Ohio Ever After

    Joe flees Los Angeles with Joe Puppet for his native Ohio. Have they reached the promised land? Or somewhere else entirely.

  • No More Coats And No More Home

    Disillusioned with commercial acting, Joe longs to become a real boy instead of an actor. And where has Joe Puppet been sneaking off to?

  • Rolling Blackouts

    As wildfires and heatwaves grip Los Angeles, Joe waits anxiously for news from Joe Puppet.... but something strange is going on.

  • Pottery Bug with Amy Smoot - Episode 1

    Mitch Maker IRL

  • Alex's Paint Hole 101 - Power Armor

  • ASMart
    4 items


    4 items

  • Yonklerr Reviews the PS5

    The only PS5 review you need.

  • Salad Days

    1 season

    Join Jon Gaudet as he adventures for the first time through the world of Salads.

  • Worldwide Workoutz

    1 season

    Get your ass kicked by Alex "Worldwide" Kellar.

  • Hot & Rich
    2 seasons

    Hot & Rich

    2 seasons

    A Podcast/Twitch Stream/YouTube/BugTV+ show about celebrities hosted by Cait Raft.

  • Cinemology: Book 1

    The realest takes on the realests movies and shows.

  • Yonklerr Reviews

    1 item

    Twitter personality and cult of Bug Mane member Yonklerr unboxes and reviews his favorite gadgets and gizmos.

  • A Pale Horse

    Joe and JP find themselves at the center of a terrifying New Media movie plot and the director
    is a maniac, but not everyone got a script...

  • Road Trip Runaway

    Road Trip Runaway follows two teenagers as they travel across the American countryside during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting in California with their sights set on New York, the pair set off completely unsure of what may lie in front of them. The documentary is hosted by an increasi...