Announced At Upfronts

  • It’s Just Me

    Tensions are running high as Joe questions who his real friends are... and whether his friends are real. When Joe's forced to stay the night all alone in a spooky house, he comes face to face with what haunts him.

  • The Rights To This Show Cost 1 Dollar

    After amassing a fortune as a fashion mogul selling novelty designs at marked-up prices, wannabe supervillain Charmet Bandlethropp has moved into the second phase of his master plan: Hijacking the county’s local public access TV channel, and broadcast hypnotic frequencies to the entire world. Unb...

  • Ohio Ever After

    Joe flees Los Angeles with Joe Puppet for his native Ohio. Have they reached the promised land? Or somewhere else entirely.

  • No More Coats And No More Home

    Disillusioned with commercial acting, Joe longs to become a real boy instead of an actor. And where has Joe Puppet been sneaking off to?

  • Rolling Blackouts

    As wildfires and heatwaves grip Los Angeles, Joe waits anxiously for news from Joe Puppet.... but something strange is going on.

  • Pottery Bug with Amy Smoot - Episode 1

    Mitch Maker IRL

  • Alex's Paint Hole 101 - Power Armor

  • ASMart
    4 items


    4 items

  • Yonklerr Reviews the PS5

    The only PS5 review you need.

  • Salad Days

    1 season

    Join Jon Gaudet as he adventures for the first time through the world of Salads.

  • Worldwide Workoutz

    1 season

    Get your ass kicked by Alex "Worldwide" Kellar.

  • Hot & Rich
    2 seasons

    Hot & Rich

    2 seasons

    A Podcast/Twitch Stream/YouTube/BugTV+ show about celebrities hosted by Cait Raft.

  • Cinemology: Book 1

    The realest takes on the realests movies and shows.

  • Yonklerr Reviews

    1 item

    Twitter personality and cult of Bug Mane member Yonklerr unboxes and reviews his favorite gadgets and gizmos.

  • A Pale Horse

    Joe and JP find themselves at the center of a terrifying New Media movie plot and the director
    is a maniac, but not everyone got a script...