Tiny Fuppets

Tiny Fuppets

2 Seasons

The Fuppets are Portugal's finest friends. Become acquainted to them!

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Tiny Fuppets
  • Meet the Tiny Fuppets

    Episode 1

    The Fuppets are Portugal's finest friends. Become acquainted to them!

  • Internet Follies

    Episode 2

    Kormit is a man of action and that's why he reads an interesting article about computers and then gets to work starting a fantastic website about his friends and how happy they are. Join the computer blast as the Fuppets ace the 0s and 1s to make the finest internet page. But look out when Tummi ...

  • The Creator of Tiny Fuppets Speaks Up

    Episode 3

    A very special announcement by Arturo Lima, the creator of Portugal's most popular animation broadcast, "Tiny Fuppets".

  • A Bad Cough

    Episode 4

    The Fuppets are gathered to have an amazing time playing the classic game "Puzzle". But watch out- the good vibes get ugly when a deadly disease breaks out. Gonzor gets sick beyond belief and only his friends can solve his body. When Tummi attains the sickness, get ready to laugh but first be sca...

  • Party Pals

    Episode 5

    The Fuppets are such good pals that they invite more pals to exchange friendship and fun. The guests include great folks such as Astro Jr. and Mr. Fresh Juice- how enjoyable! The party is in full swing as the lights shine and the music wails. Even grumpy Gonzor is dancing up a storm. But trouble ...

  • A Modest Wish

    Episode 6

    The Fuppets are so lucky to have whatever they want except for size. This is most true at Kormit's birthday outing, where a big cake dwarfs the tiny hero. So, thus, Kormit sings a wish to gain height and a hearty music sensation erupts. Join Kormit as he dodges magazines, races over pianos, and j...

  • The Fuppets Are Not Ripoffs

    Episode 7

    Fuppets creator Arturo Lima has some strong words about some recent disgusting allegations.

  • A Very Fuppets Holiday Christmas

    Episode 8

    In this all-new holiday special, a horrendous mix-up threatens to destroy the Fuppets' Christmas!

  • Summer Splash!

    Episode 9

    Is your summer a bummer? Cool out with the Tiny Fuppets Summer Splash! Portugal's favorite critters are anxious to teach you about surf, tans, and sands!

  • Halloween Hijinks

    Episode 10

    Your special Halloween dudes have some tricks up their sleeves and treats in their hearts