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  • Peeboop Jimdog: THIS IS CHRISTMAS!

    Just a regular ole' christmas special. That's it! Nothin' else happens! I swear!

  • Liverpool

    Follow Peeboop Jimdog as he tours Liverpool England, learning about The Beatles.

  • Rolling Blackouts

    As wildfires and heatwaves grip Los Angeles, Joe waits anxiously for news from Joe Puppet.... but something strange is going on.


    Live from beautiful downtown Burbank, watch The Jimdog and his celebrity friends celebrate the holidays.

    A Very Jimdog Christmas: Written and Recorded by Peeboop Jimdog
    Stuck Alone on Christmas: Written and Recorded by Peeboop Jimdog
    Horny On Christmas: Written and Recorded by Peeboop Jimdog

  • Caesar Salad

    In the follow up second episode of Salad Days, host Jon Gaudet takes on the Caesar..

  • Worldwide Workoutz

    Episode 1


    Follow Jimdog as he relives his first moments in the US of A-Holes.

    Additional Music:
    The Distance - Peeboop Jimdog
    Broof Kountry - Peeboop Jimdog

  • Pottery Bug with Amy Smoot - Episode 1

    Mitch Maker IRL



  • Bugmane: Avatar Listening Party


    Follow Peeboop Jimdog as he heads to STURGIS BICK WEAK! This special episode of Traveling With Jimdog is brought to you by our good friend’s at! Use code Jimdog20 for 30 percent off your first order.

    Music: Anders-Instanity Control

  • Bush;s Baked Beans VIP Tour (NOT CLICKBIAT)

    Follow Peeboop Jimdog as he eat’s Bean Pie for the first time and find’s out how much he weighs in beans.

  • The Rights To This Show Cost 1 Dollar

    After amassing a fortune as a fashion mogul selling novelty designs at marked-up prices, wannabe supervillain Charmet Bandlethropp has moved into the second phase of his master plan: Hijacking the county’s local public access TV channel, and broadcast hypnotic frequencies to the entire world. Unb...

  • A Pale Horse

    Joe and JP find themselves at the center of a terrifying New Media movie plot and the director
    is a maniac, but not everyone got a script...

  • It’s Just Me

    Tensions are running high as Joe questions who his real friends are... and whether his friends are real. When Joe's forced to stay the night all alone in a spooky house, he comes face to face with what haunts him.

  • Ohio Ever After

    Joe flees Los Angeles with Joe Puppet for his native Ohio. Have they reached the promised land? Or somewhere else entirely.

  • Pottery Bug with Amy Smoot - Episode 2

    Amy makes Kokopelli themed pottery.

  • Lost and Jealous

    1 season

    The long awaited new series from Joe Hartzler

  • The World's Greatest TV Show

    In this, the very first and only episode of the series, Alec sets out to create the world's greatest TV show armed with only a $600 budget. It's very easy for him to do, and he succeeds with flying colors.

  • Alex's Paint Hole 101 - Power Armor

  • The Greatest Shows

    3 items


    Follow Jimdog as he heads to Dollywould to premiere his next great dance hit, The Peeboop Dance!

  • Epilogue

    Joe and Jared go for a hike in the woods. Feeling trapped, Joe reflects on the journey that led
    him to Ohio and so far from Los Angeles.